Theatre Tot's Class

An hour-long energetic and engaging class perfect for students wanting to learn singing, dancing and drama. For ages 3-6. 


Incorporating all three disciplines (singing, drama and dance) our students will work towards a performance at Christmas and our end of year show. 


So what's so great about Drama?

Well, drama incorporates a mix of drama games, communication and teamwork exercises, music, mime, movement, storytelling, dress up and puppetry.


Why is tot's Singing and Music Appreciation so important?

Well, Tots Singing introduces young children to singing and promotes music appreciation. We introduce a series of simple but effective warm-up exercises in class and teach our students scales and arpeggios throughout the year. In class, we use music shakers to help our students understand rhythm and to introduce them to basic music terminology, music dynamics and words associated with music. We teach our students self-expression through melodies. Using age-appropriate songs, we promote singing out loud and enjoying music. 

Tots singing encourages ENJOYMENT, MUSIC KNOWLEDGE and FUN.

What do we teach in tot's dance? 

In Tots Dance, we teach our students the primary foundations of dance and performance. 

Each week we start class with a warm-up and learn how to stretch our bodies correctly. We use fun dance exercises to develop our dancing technique and co-ordination skills. Every week we learn exciting dance routines from a variety of different genres such as Disney, Pop, Hip-Hop and Musical Theatre. 

Our dance routines are specially choreographed to improve our students' rhythm, coordination, balance and performance. The children present an in-house performance at Christmas and will also be part of our end of year show in June.


Fees €105 per term. There are three terms in a year. 


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Tot's speech and drama - AGES 6+

Building confidence and improving speech, diction and projection. 

This class introduces young children to Speech and Drama. Our speech classes are small so students receive individual attention. We cover reciting poetry, understanding poems, speaking aloud and performance. The class is tailored to improve our student's speech, projection and confidence. This class is also suitable for children with speech problems and lazy speech.

Our students present an in-house performance at Christmas and will also be part of our end of year show in June. We also encourage participation in grade exams (Kindergarten/preliminary) with the Irish Board Of Speech and Drama and students may enter a Feish if they wish. 



Class Ages: 6 - 12. This class is mixed with older students as children focus on individual work. 


Time: 12.00- 1.00pm Sunday. 

Fees €130 per term. There are three terms in a year. 

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