Junior Creative Drama 

These classes introduce creative drama to our students using a mix of drama games, communication and teamwork exercises, poetry and choral work, script work (mini-plays), mime, movement, storytelling and puppetry. We aim to build each student's self-confidence as well as developing their creativity and imagination skills. We teach our students to work as a team as well as encouraging them to explore their own personal creative ideas. Our classes are designed with the intention of improving our student's public speaking skills, developing their improvisation skills and enhancing their confidence. Finally, we also understand how important the social aspect of our classes are, so we encourage making new friends and having fun. Classes may be split by age and capability. 

The children present an in housework at Christmas and will also be part of our end of year show. We also encourage participation in the junior group Choral Verse Speaking Exam at the end of the year.  

This class encourages CREATIVITY, ENJOYMENT and FUN.

Class Ages: 7-12.

Time: 10:00 - 11:00am Sunday Mornings

Fees from €115 per term.

Book online: https://whaletheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873605419/events/128209498

Junior Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a unique genre that combines dance, drama and singing. In this class, students will learn all three disciplines, as well as crucially learning the skill of integrating them for performance. 

Classes will consist roughly of twenty minutes singing/ acting performance and forty minutes of dance. In the first twenty minutes they will learn how to sing, perform a song and engage with an audience. In the last forty minutes they will learn the basic foundations of dance up to intermediate level and will also learn challenging and exciting choreography. Dance and movement training will improve the students co-ordination, agility stamina and musical memory. 

The class will work towards an in house performance at Christmas and also stage a musical performance piece as a showcase for the end of the year show. We also encourage class participation in the Irish Board Musical Theatre Group Exams. 


This class is ideal for all those budding Broadway stars! Students will be given the opportunity for their imagination, talent and flair for performance to grow and improve. They will gain knowledge and experience that will stand to them in every performance field.



Class Ages: 7-12.


Time: 11:00 - 12:00 Sunday mornings.

Fees from €115 per term.

Book online: https://whaletheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873605419/events/128209498

Junior speech and drama

Our speech classes are small so our students receive individual attention. We cover reciting poetry, understanding poetry, speaking/reading aloud and performance. The class is tailored to improve our students' speech, projection and confidence. These classes are also suitable for children with speech problems and lazy speech.

Our students present in-house work at Christmas and will also be part of our end of year show. we also encourage participation in grade exams (Grades are taken by age and ability) with the Irish Board of Speech and Drama and enter a Feish if they wish. 


Class Ages: (7-12) - Or mixed with older students depending on the of class time. 

Duration: 30 min/ 1 hour depending on how many students are in the class. 

Fees from €130 per term.

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 Sunday Morning.

Book online:https://whaletheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873605419/events/128209498

There is a discount for students who take two or three classes.