Irish board of Speech and Drama Exams

IBSD is the fastest-growing, friendliest, most approachable, and most flexible speech, drama and communication examining body in Ireland.

Their professional approach to exams, encouraging and experienced examiners and their accessible and modern syllabus (catering for all age groups from age 4) have made them a firm favourite with speech, drama and communications teachers throughout Ireland.

Their examiners are selected and trained carefully to create an atmosphere within which our students can perform to the best of their abilities. They will not be uncritical but they will be constructive.

Speech and Drama Exams:

Our Speech and Drama students (4+) will have the opportunity to sit a wide variety of age appropraite IBSD exams including 

  • Grade Examinations

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Examinations

  • Communication Skills Examinations

  • Acting Performance Examinations

Our Creative Drama students (ages 6 +) will have an opportunity to sit a choral Verse Speaking Examinations at the end of the year. Choral Verse Speaking provides the opportunity for a group of speakers to perform a selected piece co-operatively.

Musical Theatre Exams: 

The Irish Board’s Musical Theatre syllabus provides young people with a sense of progression and challenge; encouraging them to acquire specific skills, engage with story, mood and genre; experience different styles of musical theatre and appreciate the history and development of the art form.

Musical Theatre Class- Group Exams

For Student taking our musical Theatre class at the end of the year they will have an opportunity to enter the IBSD  the musical theatre group exams. The syllabus provides a framework for young people to perform as a team, learn valuable skills, and to display their creative talents and abilities in a secure and encouraging environment.

Private or Semi-Private Singing Class- Solo or Duet Examinations 

Students who attend our private or Semi-private (small Group) classes will have an opportunity to sit solo or duet examinations if age appropriate. For candidates entering as solo and duet performers the syllabus is broad enough to allow them to explore works that inspire them while encouraging them to understand and develop particular technical and interpretive skills which will provide them with a stepping stone to further professional training.